AcroSalto 2012


Stefan Göldner


Borne in 1983
Light aircraft mechanic and merchant
Flightinstructor GPL and UL

Pilot since 2000

More than 1000 flying hours

Flying is Stevie's passion since he started with model flight at the age of 8. Infected by the virus of flying, his model planes became bigger and bigger. Finally in 2000, he took off in a real glider.

His club is the LSV-Beilngries e.V. (, and that is where he set eyes on D-9243 for the first time. Once drawn to the aircraft, he surrendered. As a light aircraft mechanic, he has done great things to keep D-9243 in good shape and to make sure, that the "old lady" looks as good as new even after 40 years.

3. place at the Bavarian Championship of Glider Aerobatics in Pfarrkirchen 2009