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Salto D-9243

The H101 Salto is one of the most impressive aerobatic gliders ever built. It's extremely manoeuvrable and tolerates g-loads from +7g to -5g. In the early 70ties, the fibreglass technology of H101 Salto was considered a pioneering achievement, as it delivers the mechanical strength of the aircraft (considered "unkaputtbar" in the air).

Ours is a original SALTO built in 1974 (S/N 38) by Start + Flug GmbH in Saulgau. The aircraft underwent a complete overhaul in 1993; and once Stevie started taking care of the old lady, it looks prettier than ever before.      
We perform professional aerobatic displays with our small H 101 Salto. We don't do inverted low paths a few feet above the runway, though. Our idea of glider aerobatics is to demonstrate the harmony and beauty of silent flying.
If you are interested in our performance for your airshow or airfield event, just send us an email. At any rate, we always enjoy getting to know new friends of aerobatics.      
Alltogether, 72 machines of this type were built. Only one mystery remains unsolved (at least in the german speaking aerobatic scene): Is the H101 Salto correctly addressed as a "he" or as a "she"? We have no doubts at all, however: Ours is a lady!