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The gliding club of the "Postsportverein Nuernberg" is our home base. With more than 100 club members, 13 modern gliders and a spacious airfield southeast of Nuremberg, this club is one of the most attractive addresses for glider pilots in the region. A growing number of flight students is proof of that. You are welcome to contact us, either by calling 129.975 close to N49 23,25/E11 25,35 or at Altdorf-Hagenhausen.


The mother of all German flight sites: At "Schorsch Fischers" Fliegerszene there is nothing in flying, that you won't find.


A "must see" for all glider pilots and fans of glider flying: The Glider Homepage with a map of all clubs in Germany, If you are planning some vacation, an extended weekend or you are just bored during a rainy day: here you'll find them all.


Vtail - there are many more V-tail aircraft types than you might have thought. Ralf Heinisch has collected them all.